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Check out my solution to keeping you in the loop from a macro perspective. This will give you an idea of the different things I am doing, am a part of and am passionate about.

From here, let's connect further in the areas that most interest you - professional football (@devonkennard on social media), real estate investing, financial freedom and reading (I can't wait to share my book with you!). Here are the best ways for us to connect for each focus area:

NFL & Football    My Newsletter, @devonkennard on social media

Financial Education    My Newsletter, YouTube Channel

Personal Growth    My Newsletter, YouTube Channel, Reading Club

Books & Reading    Reading Club

My Financial & Real Estate Articles, Podcasts, and News

YouTube Channel

On my YouTube Channel, I share more about my endeavors in sports, business, and life. I encourage you to share your insights as well so we can continually grow and be most successful.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Real Wealth Show Podcast with Kathy Fettke
NFL Player Devon Kennard's Real Estate Game Plan

Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin

Devon Kennard, Athlete, on Paying College Athletes & "Mailbox Money"

Real Estate & Financial Independence with Coach Carson

How an NFL Athlete Used Real Estate Investing to Create $300,000 per Year of Passive Cashflow

Marriage Kids and Money

Why FIRE is Easier with Real Estate Investing than Stocks | Devon Kennard

A Frugal Athlete

Building Passive Income Through Real Estate With NFL Veteran Devon Kennard

The Weekly Juice

Beyond the Gridiron: Life Lessons and the Journey to Financial Independence featuring NFL Linebacker Turned Real Estate Investor Devon Kennard

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