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My football career and my real estate investing career coincide with one another I entered the NFL in 2014 and I bought my 1st investment property in 2015 right when the season ended. I have always identified as an Athlete AND Investor AND Author. As of 2023, I've built a real estate portfolio of 20 single‐family and smaller multifamily properties as well as 40+ real estate syndication investments ranging from residential properties, storage facilities, hotels, senior living centers, and industrial properties as a limited partner throughout the United States. Additionally, in 2023 I started my own private lending company 42 Solutions where I lend to other real estate investors and charge interest.  I passionately invest as well as mentor others on how to develop generational wealth through passive income strategies. I'm blessed to educate youth on financial education and to provide my NFL brothers financial guidance including through the NFL programs and teams.


Don't we all want to be financially free? It is attainable. And, yes, certain factors can appear to help or hurt (check out my video below "My Thoughts on Being Financially Free versus Being Rich after Nine Years in the NFL" which challenges your perception of what it is and who has it). One thing that is true for us all, is that none of us know what tomorrow has in store, just around the corner, and what our lives could look like tomorrow, months out or years out...

But the unknown is also an opportunity. We can control what we can control. We can shift our perspective, we can look at our circumstances as canvases to develop. We can take practical steps to best set ourselves up for success. And we can learn from each other, at all different phases and circumstances.

I'd like to share with you what I have learned and I hope you will do me the same honor. I'm sharing through my YouTube channel (TheAthleteInvestor), social media, my newsletter (subscribe below) and my latest book, It All Adds up! 



Building generational wealth for yourself and your family is something nearly everyone can do with proper planning, patience, and determination.

Some of my popular videos about passive income:

  • Why Being An Athlete Is Not Enough And What To Do About It

  • The Importance of Making Passive Income (aka Mailbox Money)

  • The Truth About Networking in Real Estate

  • The Reality of Financial Freedom


Here is the link to my YouTube channel to stay in the flow of the videos and information I am putting out and to check out topics I've already covered.

I also speak on the intersection of sports & business

  • Sport Business News: Dwayne Johnson and Dana Garcia Purchase the XFL and sign broadcast deal with Disney (ABC/ESPN/FX)

  • Sport Business News: CJ McCollum joins ESPN as an NBA Analyst

  • Sport Business News: Tom Brady signs $375 million deal with Fox

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