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Thanksgiving Day: An attitude of gratitude will take you a long way!

On thanksgiving day I always make sure to take the time and reflect on every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and professionally. As I take inventory of where my life is at today my heart is filled with so much joy. This joy isn’t because my life is perfect and every aspect of life is going exactly how I wish it was. No, the joy I feel surfaces because I choose to concentrate on what I do have and how lucky I am to be in this exact position I am today. See you cant have a grateful spirit and a bitter, sad or mad one at the same time. So when you choose to be grateful for what you do have, what you don’t have can no longer hold your mind hostage.

I must confess I did not always have this attitude of gratitude. I remember several times in my life things were not going my way and I felt like I was being treated unfairly. This created an entitled feeling in my heart and i felt everyone around me should be throwing me a pity party. I was overwhelmed with resentment and anger and it robbed me of my joy. After awhile I realized I was not hurting nor affecting anyone but myself with that attitude and I decided something needed to change. Now, as I go through life I constantly push my mind towards an attitude of gratitude no matter what is going on in my life in the moment.

I share this with you to encourage you. I’m not sure what is going on in your life. Maybe everything is picture perfect or maybe it’s the opposite and you’re in a middle of storm that you see no end to. Either way the key to success is an attitude of gratitude. Whatever is going on in your life you have SOMETHING(s) to be grateful for, use this day to recognize what the SOMETHING(s) is in your life and allow that to be your motivation to go forward.

Remember, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” When you take good and bad situations alike and look at them through a lens of gratitude your perspective begins to change and you become capable of far more then you ever imagined.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!



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