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Devon Kennard here! 

Welcome. ​Exciting News! My book, "It All Adds Up: Designing Your Game Plan for Financial Success," was recently released. I'm excited to share with you the strategies I've identified for building financial freedom, generational wealth, and a fulfilling life. I hope it helps you tremendously. 

I’m a 9 year NFL Vet, Real Estate Investor and now Author. I’m also a big believer in financial education and personal growth. By sharing the lessons I’ve learned along my journey and by connecting with you, our experiences can help each other. I regularly speak on podcasts, at events, and through non-profit programs, and of course, my YouTube channel! From my days as a student-athlete in Phoenix, AZ, to college at USC, to being drafted to the NFL and playing nine seasons, to my off-the-field business (including investing in over 50 real estate deals to date and owning my own private lending company 42 Solutions and charitable work, I’ve faced challenges along the way, but have also experienced great success.

 Let's grow together as a community - and achieve personal growth, purpose, and financial freedom! Click here to learn more about me or my investing. Thank you for spending time with me - it’s appreciated. 

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Here are a few of The Athlete Investor Newsletters referencing key strategies from my book It All Adds Up

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