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Discover everything about my media presence, including my newsletter, YouTube channel, and podcast appearances, all in one place.

Here is where I share all my perspectives on things involving Sports, Business, Financial Education and Investing

On my YouTube Channel, I share more about my endeavors in sports, business, and life. I encourage you to share your insights as well so we can continually grow and be most successful.

Bigger Pockets
Why NFL Players Are Buying Real Estate During the Recession w/Cliff Avril and Devon Kennard

School's Over...Now What?
The Importance of Generational Wealth w/ Decon Kennard EP 212 

Millennial Investing - The Investor’s Podcast Network
NFL'er Has Time For Real Estate, So Do You w/ Devon Kennard

The Weekly Juice Podcast
Beyond the Gridiron: Life Lessons and the Journey to Financial Independence featuring NFL Linebacker Turned Real Estate Investor Devon Kennard 

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