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DK Announces Walter Payton Man of the Year Nomination

To me, the Walter Payton Man of The Year Award stands for excellence on and off the field. As I reflect on every player who has ever won this award I see one common thread; a group of man who are exceptional football players but at some point made the realization that real success is helping OTHERS succeed and grow. Their life’s work reflects this realization.

With that said, I am extremely honored and humbled to be mentioned alongside such men as a nominee for this years Walter Payton Man of The Year award. Youth mentorship, education and literacy has been a passion of mine since entering the NFL 6 years ago and I’m excited to shed light on the amazing organizations I have had the honor of working with here in Detroit. I want to personally thank my family, Mrs. Ford, Coach Patricia, all my teammates and the community relations department here in Detroit. This would not be possible without the help of all of you and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you again and God Bless,



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