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How You Can Stay Rooted in the Community

Advice for how to connect with the community to grow personally.

The winner of the 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award will be announced this weekend and it brings me back to just a year ago when I was in Miami at NFL honors as a finalist for the award waiting to hear if I won or not. I didn’t win last year, but if I’m honest just being a nominee for such a prestigious award was truly an honor and I want to congratulate all the nominees this year and encourage everyone to continue to do good works in their communities.

Through my own philanthropy work, I’ve found there are two major ways to give back as an athlete.

Tip #1 - Start your own organization

To grow a mission substantially, jumping all in is a great way to see through impact and ensure the need you have identified is addressed consistent with what you see.

Tip #2 - Find an organization that aligns with your passion and core beliefs and work with them

I chose the latter and have been lucky to work with amazing organizations throughout my NFL career. Major shout out to @newcitykidsjc @midnightgolfdet @icanchandler ‼️

There Are Many Ways to Help, You've Got This

How are you guys giving back to communities and what organizations have you started? What organizations are you working with? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more of my tips on ways to grow...


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