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Hey Team,

DK here, and today I'm pulling back the curtain on how relationships became the cornerstone of my lending company 42 Solutions. Connections played a pivotal role in getting this venture off the ground.

Insider Knowledge Unveiled:

Utilizing a network of private money lenders from coast to coast sharing their insights. These mentors provided a deep dive into the lending world, offering a wealth of knowledge that laid the foundation for 42 Solutions.

Templates and Smart Savings:

I got my hands on proven template documents used by successful investors in the lending space. These became invaluable resources, not just saving on startup costs but also providing a solid framework for legal processes without the need for elaborate football-like plays.

Efficient Processes and Strategic Team Building:

Building a business is about assembling the right team and establishing efficient processes. Leveraging connections with other lenders gave me a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create a well-oiled machine for 42 Solutions.

Investor Relations for Growth:

I was able to leverage my NFL career and track record in real estate to attract experienced investors looking to scale their real estate businesses. By finding great experienced investors I am able to mitigate risk and decrease the amount of different borrowers. Most of my borrowers are investors who do repeat business.

Relationships: The Real MVPs:

In the world of business, relationships take the spotlight. It's not just about what you know; it's about who you know and how you use those connections. Whether you're in the early stages of your venture or eyeing expansion, relationships can be the secret sauce that elevates your journey.

Keep grinding, team. In the game of business, relationships are your ultimate assets.

To shared successes,



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