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Hey Team,

Today, let's dive into the three different levels of mentors that can fuel your journey to greatness.

1. The Educator - Knowledge Unleashed 📚

Imagine them as your playbook guru. The Educator is the seasoned veteran in the game, armed with book smarts and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. They've got the terminology down to a T and can guide you through the fundamentals. When you're stepping into uncharted territory, the Educator is your go-to source for building a strong foundation.

2. The Witness - Learning from the Sidelines 🎓

Meet the Witness – the one who might not have conquered the field personally but has a front-row seat to greatness. They've got the inside scoop, connecting you directly with those playing at the highest level. The Witness provides insights and advice based on real-time experiences, offering a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed. It's like having a sideline pass to success.

3. The Executer - In the Trenches, Getting It Done 💪

Now, here's the Executer – the MVP who not only has a stellar track record but is still dominating the game today. They're the living proof that success is an ongoing journey. When you're ready to level up, the Executer is your mentor of choice. They've been there, done that, and continue to thrive, bringing invaluable wisdom to your playbook.

**Choosing Your Mentor MVP 🏆**

Before you recruit a mentor, know the playing field. Determine what level of mentorship you need based on your goals. Whether it's the Educator for foundational knowledge, the Witness for insider insights, or the Executer for real-time success strategies – align your mentorship game plan with your aspirations.

Remember, each level offers a unique set of advantages, so choose wisely. Your success playbook deserves the best mentors in each role.

Stay hungry for knowledge, stay focused on your goals, and keep chasing those victories!

Game on,



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