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NFL Player Devon Kennard's Real Estate Investing Game Plan

I joined Kathy Fettke on Real Wealth Podcast Real Estate Investing Plan

Episode Description: It’s not every day that we have a professional football player on our show to talk about real estate investing. But today, you’ll hear from linebacker, Devon Kennard, on financial literacy and how he’s creating long-term wealth with real estate. You don’t have to be a football player to do what he is doing, although a higher paycheck may speed things up a bit. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Devon is currently with the Arizona Cardinals. He started out with the New York Giants and played with the Detroit Lions for two years before he signed with the Cardinals. He’s been in the NFL for a total of nine years, which he says is a long time. A football career can end quickly with something like an injury or a contract expiration.

The short lifespan of a football career was one of the things that inspired Devon to start building a cash-flowing real estate portfolio. He wants his family to be able to continue the same lifestyle they are living now, after his football career is over. And he’s making very good progress. He’s also passionate about sharing what he’s learned.

Learn more from Devon: Devon provides money tricks and tips for all to help see through financial long-term growth. He provides insights and shares passive income and generational wealth strategies for all. Information is key, stay informed by subscribing to Devon’s Newsletter and the Devon Kennard YouTube Channel and join us as we grow together as a community. Subscribe for updates about my latest podcast appearances.


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