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Hey Team,

DK here, bringing you some crucial insights into the world of passive investing. Just like in football, success in the investment game requires a solid playbook. So, let's dive into the 4 Keys to Invest Passively and build that winning strategy:

1. Knowledge:

Just as knowing the playbook inside out is key on the field, understanding the language of real estate is crucial in the investing game. Dive into books, podcasts, find mentors, attend meet-ups – absorb knowledge from all angles. It's your defense against being taken advantage of in the real estate arena.

2. Team:

Building a winning team is non-negotiable. In football, you've got your core players, and in real estate, it's the same. I often mention the Core 4 – deal finder, lender, contractor, and property manager. These are your MVPs, working together to accomplish your real estate goals. Choose your team wisely, and success will follow.

3. System:

Just as a well-structured game plan can lead to victory, having a robust system is key to removing yourself from the daily grind of your business. What software, processes, and schedule keep your investments on track? Personally, I start with DealCheck, manage properties efficiently with Stessa, and oversee all my businesses using QuickBooks. Streamlining operations allows for a smoother, more passive investment experience.

4. Money:

It's the capital that fuels the game. Just like on the field, you need the right resources to make plays. Saving and earning more are fundamental, but sometimes you need to tap into other sources. Consider using Other People's Money (OPM) strategically to maximize your investment potential.

Remember, these keys work together, just like a well-coordinated team on the field. Knowledge feeds into building the right team, a solid system supports your team's efforts, and money is the fuel that keeps the game going.

Stay focused, stay informed, and let's continue building towards financial freedom.

To passive wealth,



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