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I am excited to officially launch my website with you guys. I hope it becomes more then just a place to find information about me but a place that also inspires and guides you to live your best life NOW. We are living at a time where

NEVER would’ve guessed 0-3

If you would have told me in the offseason that we would start out 0-3, I would have laughed in your face and said yeah right! Yet here we are going into our 4th game of the year 0-3 with our backs against the wall. In my opinion this last game against the Eagles was the worst loss so far due to the simple fact that our offense played well enough for us to win. As a defense we let the team down and were not at our best when our best was needed. The most disappointing fact is that we are a defense that takes pride in stopping the run, yet allowed Philadelphia to run the ball up and down the field on us all day.

Those are the facts, but the good thing is we have 13 more opportunities to turn this season around. It starts this week against another good team in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. Tampa has a balanced offense that runs the ball well but then can really open it up in the pass game with their star QB Jameis Winston. My main focus going into this game is helping the defense get back to our ways on stopping the run. This week of practice I will treat like camp when it comes to the physicality I bring to practice everyday.

If we stop the run and make this offense one dimensional then we have them right where we want them. We can let our pass rushers (myself included) do what we do and I have full confidence in our DB’s and LB’s to make it hard on Tampa’s skill positions. The key is if an offense doesn’t score they can’t win so whether our offense scores 100 points or 3 points whether we win or not is in in OUR hands on DEFENSE and I know my teammates and I will respond and play great ball after last week’s bad performance. MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN!


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