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Diving Deeper: Meet Your Core 4 - The Deal Finder

Hey Team,

DK here, and I hope you're ready to dive deeper into the world of passive real estate success. Last week, we unveiled the Core 4 – the powerhouse team behind your investment triumphs. Today, let's shine a spotlight on the first member of this dream team:

Who is the Deal Finder?

This individual could wear various hats – a real estate agent, an investor, a wholesaler, or a fix-and-flipper. They're the eyes and ears in your desired market, tirelessly searching for opportunities that align with your investment goals.

Why is a Deal Finder Essential?

Simply put, without a deal finder, you might find yourself knee-deep in the nitty-gritty – door knocking, cold calling, and underwriting thousands of deals. That's not the picture of passive investing we're aiming for. Instead, envision having someone else do the legwork while you focus on strategic moves.

Paying for the Prize:

Sure, some might hesitate at the thought of paying someone else for this service. But trust me, investing passively means acknowledging your strengths and outsourcing the rest. A skilled deal finder is an investment in your peace of mind and time.

The Serious Buyer Advantage:

Now, here's the game-changer. A good deal finder wants to bring YOU deals, but you need to prove you're a serious buyer. Define your "buy box" – the criteria for your ideal investment. When they present a deal that fits, close on it. It's a two-way street; show them you mean business, and they'll keep the opportunities flowing.

Consistency is Key:

Demonstrate that you're not a one-hit wonder. Share your plans to scale and buy more properties. When they see the potential for an ongoing partnership, you become their go-to investor. Consistency speaks volumes.

So, there you have it – the Deal Finder, your ally in sourcing those golden opportunities. Stay tuned as we explore the other Core 4 members in the coming weeks.

Remember, success in passive real estate is all about building the right team. Ready to make those strategic moves? Let's do this!

To your investing success,

DK 📈


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