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Hi All!

As you know, I am passionate about reading! It has helped me in my pursuit of personal growth.

#ReadingWithDK Reading Club, is a reading club focused on personal growth and expanding our knowledge together as a community through reading. It's a great way to get connected and to be introduced to new books and ideas to consider for personal growth. Check out my video below where I describe how Reading With DK works.

Here's How it Works

Devon selects a book from those that have inspired him and book recommendations, including any that you provide! After allowing a couple of weeks for everyone to get the book, the group will read the book over the course of a month.

Throughout the month Devon will check-in and get some conversations going through his social pages, @devonkennard. At the end of the month, he will pose challenge questions to learn more about how you and the group experienced the book. From these responses and insights, he will select winners to receive something cool, like a signed football or gear and a book!

#ReadingWithDK is open to anyone who wants to participate. Join us! Sign-up below.

Join the Reading With DK Book Club!

Thanks for joining!

Old Books

History of Reading With DK

Devon started his first #ReadingWithDK challenge in the summer of 2017. His initial intentions were to give kids some motivation to pick up a book and read over their summer break. He chose To Kill A Mockingbird and The Alchemist as the books to read because these two books made a lasting impression on him in his adolescence. Devon not only wanted kids to read the books but internalize the lessons within the books.


With that in mind, he posted questions on his Instagram and Facebook accounts asking specific questions about the books and the impact the lessons had on their personal lives. Everyone who participated in the #ReadingWithDK challenge entered the chance to win some signed NY gear that Devon signed himself. He personally chose the winners of the contest. The first #ReadingWithDK challenge got incredible participation from kids on Instagram and Facebook and the feedback was incredible!


New York Times wrote an article about Reading With DK, To Hit a Passer and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’: A Linebacker’s Two Sides - The New York Times (

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