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Devon Kennard: #AthleteAnd Real Estate Investor

Game Photo: AP Images

NFLPA, Author Brandon Parker:

By the age of six, Devon Kennard pretty much had his life all figured out – or so he thought.

A year earlier, his dad, Derek, had won the Super Bowl as a member of the Dallas Cowboys, sparking wide-eyed Devon’s dream to also become an NFL player. And after balling out at Desert Vista High School in Arizona and landing a scholarship to Southern Cal, Kennard appeared well on his way. But a string of injuries and inconsistent playing time due to coaching changes forced the linebacker to go back to the drawing board.

“While I was in college, I made a decision about what I wanted my life to look like and things I wanted to have,” Kennard recently recalled. “Even if I have a long NFL career, I’ll be retired in my 30s and still have lots of life left. And if I don’t play in the NFL, I still want to have a life with all of those goals and dreams. So what can I do outside the game to make sure those things still happen?”


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